Monday, 25 July 2016

First pizza and experimenting

 It took about 6 days of burning ever increasing fires to cure the oven.  The way to tell this is when the black soot clears from the inside of the dome.  You can see it is all black in the photo above.

The temporary chimney worked okay after the fire was burning for a while but lots of smoke comes out the front  as you can see by the blackening below. I'm also having problems with moisture getting into the oven with the constant rain everyday this summer.  So I decide I will be building a roof over the oven,  the waterproofing of the dome was not sufficient.  With this in mind the chinmey will need to be much longer to claer the 'Gazebo' roof. So I decide to go for a stainless twinwall flue pipe.

 This is what happens if you don't cure your dish....!!

 The first Pizza!!
Aberdeen Angus Ribeye - The best I have ever tasted. I am amazed how good steak cooks in the oven, it retains all the juiciness.
The bread tasted much better as well. I don't think I want to cook in a normal oven again. I am enlightened!!!

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